Tacklife Belt Sander Review

The Tacklife PSFS1A maybe a 3″x18″ belt sander that features a 5Amp motor. It enables the sander to achieve a quality finish and efficient removal. The belt sander also can be used as a bench sander if flipped over. It comes with 13 sanding belts that leave more possibilities with the machine. The dust box is adjustable, so you do not face any trouble removing it and thus maintain a clean environment.

Whom is that this Product Ideal For?

The product is meant for both amateurs and professionals. The 5-Amp motor can sand down floorboards, top rails, posts, etc. Since it offers various speeds for sanding, it’s popular among the people that have recently bought a replacement property and wish to figure on everything or people that want to redo their homes. Kitchen remodeling is one of the foremost popular uses of the merchandise

  • Comes with all the parts assembled
  • The dust box always keeps the dust at a minimum level
  • The two screw lamps let the sander work as a sand platform when it’s flipped over
  • Thick cord and straightforward belt changing
  • Great handling thanks to the lightweight
  • Comes with 13 belts that provide different finishes
  • Detachable dust box for clean sanding
  • Comes with a 24 months warranty
  • N/A

Key Features of Tacklife Belt Sander

The Tacklife 3”x18” Belt Sander has multiple features, all of which can be discussed within the following section.

1. Variable speed

The 5A motor itself is enough for getting world power on the sanding surface. On top of that, it comes with 6-speed knob dials. this enables you to possess the foremost suitable speed you would like for sanding among 0-560 rpm.

2. 13 sanding belts

The product comes with a complete of 13 sanding belts, 7 of which are alumina 80 grits and 6 of them are 120 grits. The 2 different sandpapers leave different matte effects on the wood. The metal clamp lever makes it even easier and swifter to vary belts.

3. Design

The two screw clamps can fix the sander to the table, turning it into a bench sander. The clamps work with the lock-on button, so your hands are often free, and you get more flexibility.

4. Dust box

The dust collection box up the machine is detachable. You’ll get easy cleaning with the box. The 32mm and 35mm vacuum adapters offer greater convenience for getting the right dust collection.

Our Findings

We had to see for ourselves what the excitement is about this device. The Amazon ranks it as no.1 within the list of Power Belt Sanders. Here’s what we’ve acknowledged about the merchandise.

1. Performance

We had some misaligned boards that needed immediate fixing up. We heard about the Tacklife Belt Sander and the way well it performs despite being a budget sander. The cord is long and thick which is important for belt sanders. the facility and therefore the belt changing mechanism are just perfect. The sander is so lightweight that it is easy to figure with it.

2. Simple use

The sander is meant mainly for DIY usage. The sander is very easy to use that even people with no previous sanding experience will find no trouble using it. Its build and weight make it very accessible. The belt changing is extremely fast and swift. Its multiple modes and functions make the machine suitable for various sanding scenarios

3. Price

The Tacklife Belt Sander may be a budget sander machine with an affordable price. this does not hamper the performance of the sander, but there are few parts, just like the plastic parts of the sander that are susceptible to more damage. During this price range, no other sander offers the wrong way up mounting.

How to use the Tacklife Belt Sander

  • • Turn on the sander and make the motor go full speed
  • • Use one hand for the trigger and another for stability
  • • Use progress to ease the machine down slightly
  • • The wood would contact the rear roller of the machine first
  • • The belt will eventually grab the wood to require the sander forward
  • • Always work the sander with the wood’s grain
  • • Don’t leave the sander in a single place for too long
  • • Use light pressure on the sander


After talking about the Tacklife Belt Sander in details, it’s time to offer our verdict on the merchandise. The Tacklife Belt Sander PSFS1A may be a compact belt sander that’s very easy to use and comes at an inexpensive price. The sander comes with variable speeds, 13 sanding belts, a dust box, clamps, 2 vacuum adaptors, and a 2 years warranty. If you would like to urge yourself a budget belt sander with the facilities of a high-end belt sander, you would possibly want to require an honest check out of this product.


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