shop fox w1837 review

The saw market is flooded with different models of Table Saws, and this leaves you confused on what to accept. If you’re a wood hobbyist, you desire the simplest outcome in your work because it gives you satisfaction. Our Shop Fox W1837 Review explores the characteristics and reasons behind the high preference of shop fox 1837 Table Saw within the market.

It amazingly caters to your safety also as your quality standards. Its performance is impressive, considering its powerful motor. to know the components of this hybrid Table Saw, let’s delve into its overall characteristics and features.

  • Max rip capacity is up to 15” to the left and 30” to the proper.
  • Maximum depth of two 1/4” at 45 degrees and three 1/4” at 90 degrees.
  • A sturdy machine yet weighs but a full cabinet at under 250 lbs
  • Less noise and vibration thanks to its solid forged iron trunnions
  • Features anti-kickback pawls and blade guards for safety
  • Voltage options are available, as this saw can run on either 120 or 240 volts, proving the tool’s versatility
  • Includes 2-year warranty covered by Shop Fox
  • N/A


Being a hybrid saw, you’ll use the Shop Fox W1837 in additional applications than a typical contractor saw or a cupboard saw. But unlike other hybrid saws, it’s a far better cutting performance with additional features that ensure safety, convenience, and precision.

Built-in caster wheels and an efficient riser system were added to the planning of this hybrid table saw, making movement and height adjustment easy-peasy. The fence design is additionally like many top cabinet saws, delivering on-point precision and sturdiness in our tests.



The Shop Fox W1837 is full of a 2-HP motor. It can easily power cutting jobs on softwood and sufficiently sustain cutting through harder sorts of wood.

With such performance, it’s undeniably a strong saw. Within the multiple reviews, we’ve done on different models; the W1837 is like several entry-level cabinet saws.


This hybrid saw also impressively cut on many sorts of wood, because of its blade speed which will go up to 3450 RPM. apart from that, it’s a friendly tool for cutting chamfers, miters, and bevels, as its blade is often tilted up to 45 degrees a bit like most of the larger models from the brand.

Woodworkers even have more freedom in adjusting the peak and angle of the blade, together can enjoy with full-cabinet saws. This adds another level of convenience for you also and allows you to possess more precise cuts.


The Shop Fox W1837 model features a powerful enclosed upper-stand made up of steel, which seals in and contains dust effectively. The guard also features flexible wings that move to stop dust from leaking out on either side of the cut.

Aside from that, the utmost dust containment feature of this hybrid table saw also includes an excellent functioning vacuum system. this will be paired together with your usual dust collection system through its 4-inch outlet.

Overall, the whole dust collection mechanism works perfectly, and our experts enjoyed a transparent view without wood pieces cluttering the workspace.


Safety and dependability are two features any great saw must have, and therefore the Shop Fox W1837 delivers on both aspects without trouble.

As most woodworkers know, overheating may be a common problem with saws. This tool easily prevents that with its thermal overload protection. This function also keeps the machine safe from fluctuating current.

Plus, there’s an interchangeable riving knife that protects you from guard-less blade operations like in non-through cutting jobs. This also prevents potential kickbacks for extra safety.


Based on our shop fox w1837 review, this saw is convenient and versatile. Its extraordinary safety measures make your tasks enjoyable. Its level of accuracy is breathtaking because it is reflected in the outcome of the projects.

These sentiments are supported by other hybrid table saws reviews and customer reviews as they acknowledge the prowess of this saw. If professionalism is your favorite consideration, then you’ve got your solution with shop fox 1837. Additionally thereto, it’s appropriate in both big and little spaces, hence remarkable flexibility.


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