The Porter-Cable PCCK600LB may be a useful gizmo with only a few weaknesses. It drills holes at speed and drives long fasteners. The superb clutch and all-metal chuck give this drill/driver the texture of a way costlier tool. In high torque situations, the tool’s low torque results in vibrations finding their way into the operator’s hand. Read Porter-Cable PCCK600LB Review and know amazing features.

Carpenters, plumbers, and trade professionals who measure their workday in dozens of holes drilled or fasteners driven are going to be perfectly proud of the PCCK600LB. Heavy users should probably look elsewhere.

  • Great drill, good driver
  • Solid, all-metal chuck
  • Innovative magnetic bit holders
  • Two-speed gearbox
  • Accurate and well-spaced clutch settings
  • Responsive switches with tactile feedback
  • N/A

The Chuck

The all-metal chuck of the PCCK600LB could easily be used on a way costlier tool. It’s machined very precisely and there’s no indication of runout. The metal cover spins around the clutch during a perfect concentric circle. Securing an outsized bit within the chuck still takes some finger strength, but in first gear the operation is manageable. The chuck will hold about the foremost stubborn bits without the operator having to tighten it down excessively.

The Work Light

The work light located just above the trigger produces artifact-free, bright white light. The chuck gets within the way of the sunshine in the least distances shrouding the impact point in perpetual darkness in the least distances. a light-weight squeeze of the trigger turns the sunshine on without engaging the motor. Releasing the trigger turns it backtracks again. the planning of the work light is often made to figure in most scenarios, but it’s far away from the simplest example within the industry.

The Clutch

The 23+1 position clutch is well engineered. All of its positions are meaningful and distinct from its neighbors. Setting #8 produces enough torque to sink the top of a 3-inch screw below the surface of construction grade lumber. This leaves an interesting 15 settings for even tougher work. The rapid ramp-up in torque of this design makes the lower range of the clutch hard to use for fine work.

The Battery Gauge

The implementation of the battery gauge on the PCCK600LB shows a scarcity of attention to detail on the part of the planning team. Built into the battery mount slightly below the grip the gauge uses three red LEDs to point to the battery’s charge level. Dormant by default a membrane-covered button brings the gauge to life. Pressing the button properly is often difficult, even barehanded?

The Storage Case

The plastic case included within the kit has room for the tool, the charger, two batteries, and a couple of drill bits. Internal compartments keep everything separated. The case is square on the surface for straightforward storage and waterproof to guard its content from light rain. The case works well as a private solution but compares poorly to the new generation of stacking tool cases. If you propose using this drill on the worksites, you’re happier investing during a separate toolbox that’s a part of a bigger system.

In Use

The results of our tests confirm that the PCCK600LB may be a very capable drill/driver. In top gear, it drills holes fast enough to put it within the commercial category. With small bits especially the PCCK600LB performs nearly flawlessly.

The Battery System

The PCCK600LB is a component of the Porter-Cable 20V battery system, a recent addition to the Porter-Cable lineup. The road includes a tool in only about every category, but you will not have the choices several competition offers.


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