Makita Planer KP0800K Review

With quite a century of experience in manufacturing electronic products, it’s not surprising to understand that Makita has something for each price point. This makes this brand tons more endearing, as they will meet various needs and requirements. So while the brand is best known for its very powerful power tools, those that don’t need much can still avail of their lighter offerings. The Makita KPO800K is one among these, we will explain it further in Makita Planer KP0800K Review.

Of course, it’s not as powerful as its counterparts with higher performance motors but it can already quite suffice for many various tasks. If you’re not getting to work with many large materials, this could be an honest pick for you already. Perfect for hobbyists and DIYers who want to feature more functionality in their workshops also as budget woodworkers, learn more about this product in our Makita Planer KP0800K Review below.

Makita Planer KP0800K Review in Details

  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Ergonomically designed with additional features for user comfort
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Great price
  • Easy to get rid of the blades for quick replacements
  • Smooth results
  • N/A


  • • 6.5 AMP motor provides 17,000 RPM
  • • 5.7 lbs weight
  • • Up to three ¼” wide
  • • Up to 3/32” depth setting
  • • 2 double-edge carbide blade cutter head
  • • Rigid die-cast aluminum housing
  • • All-ball bearing construction for durability
  • • Lock-on button for continuous operation
  • • Balanced machined aluminum planer drum for durability and vibration reduction
  • • Spring-loaded stand protects blades
  • • Ergonomically designed and rubberized handle to scale back fatigue
  • • High-quality poly-V belt promises further durability
  • • Dual insulation to guard the user just in case the unit heats up
  • • Right-facing chip ejection
  • • Click stop depth control for straightforward depth adjustment and ensures accuracy

Why buy this machine

Despite having a lower RPM than many other more powerful Makita models, the KPO800K remains a solid pick for tons of individuals. Those that aren’t after the very best performing model can already find this product tons more suitable to their needs.

If you’re wondering whether you ought to give this product an attempt, here are a number of the highest reasons why it is often an honest buy for you.

Fuss-free handling

The top reason why this product is comparatively popular is its easy handling. It’s designed to be easy to figure with which may be a must for somewhat entry-level option thicknesses like this item. Since most people who are going to be choosing it are presumably unacquainted handling planers, the very fact that it’s easy to handle makes it a beautiful option.

It’s not just easy to maneuver, however. Controlling this machine also won’t cause you to interrupt a sweat.

Why? For starters, it’s a lock-on switch that will free you from having to continue a button to stay the unit operational. Sure, it bypasses some security design but it also allows you to use both hands in controlling an outsized, dangerous cutting machine. If you’ll believe it, the trade-off is often worthwhile.

As it also only weighs 5.7 lbs, it’s tons easier to handle than many other hand planers within the market today. You don’t need to struggle with tons of heft with this item so you’ll put more of your effort into directing its movements.

It’s also ergonomically designed so handling this tool should be easier compared to other power tools. The rubberized handles can help reduce fatigue, so albeit the operation of this item would require you to exert some effort, it shouldn’t be too tiring for your hands.

Quick-change blades

Over time, you would possibly also end up in need of replacing your planer’s carbide blades. It’s a traditional thing to experience, especially if you often use the tool.

The KPO800K is meant in a way that will allow you to swap out blades with ease so such tasks shouldn’t be too fussy with this product. You’ll also get a compatible wrench with each purchase of this product so you furthermore may don’t need to search for the proper tool for the task anymore.

Solid construction

Like many other Makita products like 2012NB, 1806b, and KP0810K, the KPO800K is made to be durable. It features a solid plastic housing for its components, guaranteeing that it won’t easily break despite heavy use. So even with its relatively affordable price, you’ll calculate this product to last you a short time.

Suitable for little jobs

Due to its 3” width, this product is additionally more suitable for smaller materials. Due to this, it might be more ideally used on small-sized projects. Rather than trying to maneuver an outsized planer on a little piece of wood, this item could be a more appropriate tool for the work.


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