Lincoln Handy Mig Review

The Lincoln K2185-1 Handy Mig may be a popular flux-cored/MIG welder that’s perfectly fitted to hobby welders and little welding jobs for welding steel up to 1/8 inch. It’s popular for beginners as it’s fantastic value and straightforward to hold, but the reliability and sturdiness of this device mean it’s also employed by experienced welders who simply don’t require more power. Continue reading Lincoln Handy Mig Review.

Lincoln Handy Mig Review

  • Affordable thanks to its low power settings
  • Durable despite its low prices
  • Small compact size that ensures it fits in small spaces
  • Highly portable thanks to its lightweight thud allowing you to move it to your preferred locations with ease
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty that ensures you don’t incur additional expenses just in case of a manufacturer`s defect.
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The Lincoln Handy MIG features a considerably low amperage of 88A, which makes the Handy MIG one among rock bottom amperage welders manufactured by high-quality brands. Impressively, you’ll select from 4 varying voltage settings. the very best voltage setting will allow you to figure on relatively thick metals. This welder boasts of a 20% duty cycle at 70amps; it’s also convenient because it runs on a 115v voltage input, meaning you’ll use it reception or your shop comfortably.


As suggested by its name, the Lincoln Handy MIG is meant to be lightweight and highly mobile. It weighs 46lbs, making it easy to maneuver around your garage or metalwork shop. It also comes with a cushy handle that permits you to hold the welder with ease. regarding portability, not many small welders can boast of prime features like the 4 different voltage settings you’ll find within the Lincoln Handy MIG.

Cost and Warranty

Cost may be a huge factor to think about when purchasing a welder. Luckily, this convenient welder was designed to perform at a considerably low amperage, which plays an enormous role in reducing the general cost.

Despite being among the most cost-effective welders sold by Lincoln Electric, the Lincoln Handy MIG remains top quality and is among the simplest products within the market in its class. you simply get a 1-year manufacturer`s warranty on this welder, but it shouldn’t be some extent of concern as Lincoln Electric may be a well-reputed brand.


The Lincoln Handy MIG performs both Flux-cored and MIG welding and is specifically designed for light use. It can handle 24-gauge steel up to 1/8 inch making it ideal for skinny material. thanks to its understandably limited uses, this machine features a minimalistic interface that creates it easy for first-timers to work. It doesn’t have all the features that more powerful and expensive welders accompany, making it appropriate for beginners or experts who want to perform specific tasks.


  • • Comes with a chilly contractor to reinforce cooling by keeping the wire cold
  • • Built-in cooling fan-based cooling system to stop gradual overheating
  • • 4 highly convenient voltage settings
  • • Comes with an inside chat that helps users understand found out
  • • Wire feed speed adjustment
  • • Comes with a clamp, gas regulator, welding gun, gas hose, among other relevant features.


Despite being a little MIG welder, this unit performs surprisingly well. It’s an excellent option if you’re trying to find a budget MIG welder to find out the skill or a compact unit to require around on different jobs. As we’ve mentioned during this Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG welder review, this unit offers great features to assist you to create great welds. It’s more a beginner’s machine that’s not designed for heavy-duty tasks.


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