Jackery Portable Power Station Review

When I travel or camp, I bring a CPAP machine with me. So, I’ve long been trying to find how to power one among these on camping trips or in an emergency evacuation. I even have several of the smaller lithium-ion packs that we recommend for go-bags, but to power a medical device or an appliance I want tons more juice than those can provide. Jackery Portable Power Station Review reveals all the information about this machine. Enter the Jackery Explorer 240, which at 240Wh of charge is simply the proper size.

We reviewed two smaller Jackery power packs within the 10 amp-hour to twenty amp-hour (at 5V) home in our big review of portable power banks, and both units did alright (though neither were our top picks). The Explorer 240 is considerably larger than the others we reviewed. It’s still “portable” within the sense that it’s easily carried by hand, but you won’t be stuffing it into a go-bag any time soon. We’ll call it semi-portable.

Why get the Jackery Explorer?

Power stations within the Explorer 240’s size range — about 6.6 pounds — can make excellent preps. These products are sufficiently small to be recharged off portable solar panels, yet are large enough to power some small appliances and medical devices that need a daily AC wall socket (e.g. a 60W mini-fridge for 4-5 hours, counting on the circumstances).

A product just like the Explorer is additionally good for topping off smaller packs that are packable — e.g. the larger bank is left at a base camp, while the smaller banks are packed out into the bush.


  • • Capacity: 240Wh, (67ah at 14.4V)
  • • Weight: 6.6lbs
  • • Price: $250
  • • Power ports: 2X USB (5V, 2.4A), 12V car outlet, AC outlet (110V, 200W)
  • • Charging ports: Proprietary input with adapters for AC wall outlet and 12V car outlet. Also compatible with Jackery’s companion solar array.

Features and functionality

The Explorer may be a very simple, no-frills station that’s a cluster of 18650’s attached to some basic output ports and charging circuitry. Packs within the ‘semi-portable’ product category don’t involve any extras, so Jackery hasn’t added any “outdoor” features like built-in LEDs and whatnot. The result’s better for its simplicity.

LED screen

The unit features a nice LED screen on the front that shows you the present charge level, also as which inputs or outputs are active.

In the shot above, I even have a load tester and USB multimeter attached to the bank. The load tester is about to draw 2.4A, and therefore the USB multimeter shows a 5V/2.4A power draw. The LED shows a 13W thereon port, which is about right. I feel this wattage display may be a nice feature that will assist you to manage your use of the bank, so it’s good to understand it’s accurate.

One of the features that adds size to the Jackery 240 is that the 120V AC plug. The circuitry required to show the interior lithium-ion pack’s DC into AC isn’t small, so this bulks up the unit considerably.

Buttons, handle, and shell

The Explorer gives you a group of small buttons to modify on and off the various output port types. I tested them and confirmed that they work. this is often an honest feature because it gives you a different to regulate what you’re powering and when without plugging and unplugging things.

The Explorer’s plastic shell is sturdy, but I wouldn’t want to drop it from too high. it’s love it will delay to general outdoor use, but it’s not an overbuilt “survival” or “ruggedized” product.

At the highest of the battery may be a long carry handle, and on rock bottom are four rubber feet. The feet are a pleasant touch because it helps the unit stay securely in position on slick surfaces, without interfering with outdoor use.


This is a solid power plant at an honest price. And now that I’ve put it through a touch of an accidental torture test, I even have tons of confidence that it’s getting to delay in an outside setting without flaking on me. I’d carry the Explorer 240 during a car-based bug-out, and it’s now my standard semi-portable power plant recommendation during this size range.


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