Forney Easy Weld 261 Review

If you’re keen on welding and desire a tool that delivers reliable performance across many light-duty projects around the home, the straightforward Weld 140 FC-I’s robust controls, simple use, and portability make it a perfect choice. Further, read in Forney Easy Weld 261 Review. This DIY welder’s infinite voltage and wire feed speed control grant you superior control over the welds you create while helping with fine-tuning arcs for various materials.

Forney Easy Weld 261 Review

If you ended up reading this text, you almost certainly are conversant in what’s happening within the market. You always can’t get a high-quality welder for such a coffee price; even the used ones are quite expensive. Many folks don’t have plenty of cash lying around to spend, which is why I decided to write down this text. One thing I even have to say, however, don’t expect this machine to last for generations – that’s just something to require under consideration when buying such a unit. Though it’d just be enough for you if you’re just starting otherwise you aren’t welding fairly often. I’m sure that Forney 261 can last almost a decade if you’re taking excellent care of it and store it in nice and dry conditions.

  • Infinite voltage control
  • Runs on standard home power
  • Wire feed speed control
  • Portable at only 19 pounds
  • Durable metal housing
  • Compact
  • N/A

Usability of 261

As with all MIG, and wire feed welders generally, it’s very easy to use this welder. Even easier than MIG welder with gas, to not mention stick and TIG welders. Since it’s a flux core unit, I feel there’s no other machine out there that’s simpler to work. Quite likely you’ll get this machine out of the box, up and running in five minutes, whilst an entire novice!

Controls of the Flux core welder

As I discussed within the introduction, other welders within the same price range are usually with very limited controls, maybe allowing the sole weld between 50-80 amps. This makes it difficult to figure on a spread of projects with one machine.

This bad boy, however, has wire feed and voltage settings infinite. For those of you who know a thing or two about welding, infinite controls are preferred by many professional welders over tapped control ones. Infinite settings, as against tapped control, gives you as a welder more freedom to fine-tune the settings while welding to realize better results.

The design of 261

The design of the Forney easy weld 261 is another thing worth mentioning. the foremost notable factor would be the load. It’s only 19 LBS, which is nearly nothing. Since you are doing not need a gas cylinder and it’s only 19 LBS, you even don’t get to invest in a welding cart. The large top handle is convenient also, making it a breeze to hold around.

Power source for the welder

As expected, it’ll run on a daily household power outlet – 120 volts. As long as you’ve got a minimum of 20 amp breaker you ought to not run into any troubles using it. Since it’d be an AC transformer-based wire feeder, I don’t know if it also can run on generators. If that’s important for you, you would possibly want to ask them directly.

Does it pack a punch?

The short answer is yes! It does pack a punch, and since it’s a flux-cored machine, you’ll tackle even thicker metals than with regular MIG. Talking about numbers, it’s a 140 Amp welder that will weld 1/4 inch thick steel in one pass – consistent with the manufacturer. In my mind, it’s a touch of overkill. I might probably not weld structural beams with it as a beginner. Just something to stay in mind. Nevertheless, it’s more power than you almost certainly need if you’re just starting.


As I discussed at the start of the post, it definitely may be a great product for beginner garage warriors starting with welding. It also features a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, making it a good safer investment than I initially thought. What’s even better, it’s priced cheaper in Amazon than it is within the manufacturer’s shop, so you’re getting an excellent, convenient flux core welder at a really low price. I might not even consider another machine at an equivalent price point. None of them can compete with the Forney Easy Weld 261.


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