As mentioned on the simplest of Machinery website, this striking yellow and black compressor features a good-sized, 6-gallon tank capacity and is quite capable of reaching a maximum of 165 PSI. The Dewalt 6 Gallon compressor is basically easy to figure with the piece of kit and even performs well within the most challenging of conditions, like externally and at temperatures below freezing. Read further in Dewalt Pancake Compressor Review. It’s not prohibited from beginning, working well or to full capacity even when it’s very cold.

Dewalt Pancake Compressor Review

If you’re trying to find a quiet compressor, this might even be the tool for you, because it enables you to scale back the quantity of sound pollution even when performing at full capacity because it won’t exceed 75.5 decibels. This upright positioned, wheel-less features a very efficient motor, features a regulated air flowability, and comes with pre-fitted couplers to assist to form sure that you simply are becoming the foremost out of your machine.

Just plug it into an electricity source, and this lightweight small compressor will make sure that any job is completed to the very best of standards. Carry it by its built-in handle at the highest of the motor and at just 32.2 pounds, that’s absolutely no issue.

  • The Dewalt 6 Gallon compressor, as guessed by its name, features a well-sized tank that holds 6 gallons.
  • This compressor’s Very light at just 32.2 pounds and maybe carried from location to location via its upright handle that sits on top of the motor.
  • It may be a very quiet compressor so won’t be of great disturbance to any neighbors once you are undertaking work requiring the utilization of the compressor. It never exceeds 75.5 decibels and cannot be damaging to hearing either.
  • Starts easily in external sites and in even the coldest of temperatures. It doesn’t freeze up, and therefore the motor won’t seize up and stop work from being undertaken and completed in a timely manner.
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Key Features

  • • Dimensions of air compressor: 17.2 x 16.6 x 20.1 inches
  • • The weight of the air compressor: 32.2 pounds
  • • Power type required for the utilization of compressor: corded electric
  • • Does it have wheels? No
  • • Does it have a carry handle? Yes
  • • How big is that the tank of this compressor? 6 gallons
  • • Maximum PSI: 165 PSI
  • • How loud does this compressor get? No louder than 75.5dB
  • • Able to start out when cold
  • • Efficient motor
  • • Air flow regulator
  • • Pre-fitted couplers

Who Is It Suitable For?

• This compressor is suitable for people that want to scale back the quantity of noise created through the utilization of the typical compressor.

• Great for people that are working during a built-up, highly urban area and don’t want to cause huge amounts of disturbance.

• The Dewalt 6 Gallon compressor is extremely light in comparison to other compressor s currently available so is superb for people working between different jobs and wanting to move the air compressor from one place to a different .

• Ideal to be used on building sites, mechanics, farms and the other year-round, outdoor locations, because it is in a position to continue working to its full capacity even when it’s very cold outside. It’ll not be unable to start out when it’s cold or has been stored outside during the winter months, enabling jobs which are time critical to always be completed.


We just like the Dewalt 6 Gallon compressor because it’s not a fussy machine in the least. If you need it for employment, it’ll be able to work for you. It doesn’t matter where it’s stored, it’ll not have seized up, it won’t disturb people surrounding you while you’re performing on employment, and is straightforward for you to require from place to put through the utilization of its cleverly integrated carry handle.


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