The BDCDD12C may be a good option if you do not plan on doing anything beyond hanging a photograph, assembling some furniture, or doing anything beyond the foremost basic DIY home improvement project and need to spend the smallest amount of cash possible. Otherwise, we might recommend saving and spending a touch more for a significantly better drill if you’ve got more ambitious projects in mind for your cordless drill.

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Performance Comparison

To decide which cordless drills warranted our recommendations, we compared a huge number of various drills, then bought all the foremost promising to check out head-to-head. We rated and scored the BDCDD12C’s performance in four different weighted metrics, with its results discussed thoroughly within the following sections.


First off, we need to work testing and scoring the performance of the BDCDD12C when it came to drilling holes, which is liable for 35% of its final score. We used the BDCDD12C to undertake and drill some holes during a steel sheet with twist drills, a bit of 2×12 with a bit, and into a solid door with an outsized hole saw. It struggled in most of those tests, earning a 1 out of 10.


The BDCDD12C did a small bit better in our driving test, though not by much, earning a 2 out of 10. This category is additionally liable for 35% of the entire score and is predicated on the BDCDD12C’s performance at driving in standard screws and an enormous lag bolt.

The BDCDD12C did manage to drive within the 3″ long, #9 screws that we won’t to their full depth, even setting the countersunk head flush within the dimensional boards. It wasn’t very easy for this drill and it protested the whole time but it could effectively complete this task.

Included Battery

The performance of the BDCDD12C dropped during this next test, earning a 1 out of 10 for its poor leads to our battery life and charge time tests, also as for less than including one battery. Altogether, these battery assessments account for 20% of this BLACK+DECKER’s total score.


The BDCDD12C did a touch better in our convenience metric, which is liable for the residual tenth of its final score. However, this drill still did below average compared to the remainder of the group when it came to its features and functions, earning 4 out of 10.


This drill isn’t necessarily an excellent value but it’s an honest option if you would like to spend absolutely the bare minimum.


Finishing at the rear of the group overall, we do not necessarily recommend the BDCDD12C for many people. It’s weak and struggles with the overwhelming majority of drilling and driving tasks, with unimpressive battery life. However, this lightweight drill can handle the occasional light-duty task without issue and is one of the most cost-effective options you’ll get, making it an honest choice for somebody who cares about spending the smallest amount of cash possible and is not getting to expect an excessive amount of.


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